Our Story

6th Generation Ranching Family

The heritage of Farmhouse Provisions is rooted deeply in Owyhee County, Idaho.

Since 1876, the Bachman family has been living, breathing and working the land. Lynn & Tiffany have partnered with Lynn’s parents, Frank and Cindy, in continuing on the tradition of family ranching. Together, the Bachman families (including Lynn and Tiffany’s kids Elsie, Jacob and Lillie)  work alongside each other building a legacy and a business. Their days often begin before sunrise and end after the fire of the Idaho skies have set for the night. 

With a love of their land, ranching lifestyle & an entrepreneurial mindset, Farmhouse Provisions combines their livelihood with a chance to meet the needs of people nationwide. You can rely on Farmhouse Provisions for ranch fed, premium, convenient meat cuts. Cuts are intentionally dry aged for 21 days. Raised, packaged and shipped directly from Southern Idaho, Farmhouse Provision beef is consistent in quality, from ranch to table. 

Farmhouse Provisions - Where our commitment to premium meat ensures delicious memorable meals.  

Tiffany and Lynn Bachman  

Bridging the Gap

Truly Ranch to Table

As 6th generation stewards of the land and animals that God has blessed and sustained us with, it is important to us to have a direct connection between our family and the families who eat the beef we raise. Farmhouse Provisions is our bridge of the gap between our ranch and our consumers. We count it an honor to provide healthy, ranch raised cuts of meat to the people we have met all around the country. It gives peace of mind to know that what nourishes and feeds our family can do so for many others as well. Farmhouse Provisions connects land, animals and people, a trilogy that gives life to all.